Interviewte NGOs

APRODEV: Interview am 25.2.2011 Caritas Europa: Interview am 30.3.2011

Climate Action Network Europe (CAN): Interview am 18.1.2011

European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG): Interview am 07.3. & am 25.3.2011 Eurochild aisbl (Eurochild): Interview am 13.12.2010

Eurodiaconia: Interview am 14.1.2011

European Council of Associations of General Interest (CEDAG): Interview am 28.1.2011 European Council on Refugees and Exile (ECRE): Interview am 21. & 24.1.2011

European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA): Interview am 24.1.2011

European Forum for Freedom in Education (EFFE): Interview am 11.1.2011 European Movement (EMI): Interview am 21.1.2011

European Network Against Racism (ENAR): Interview am 13.1.2011

European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO): Interview am 08.2.2011

International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity (CIDSE): Interview am 17.12.2010 International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA): Interview am 21.2.2011

La Strada International (LSI): Interview am 17.1.2011

Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA): Interview am 19.1.2011 Search for Common Ground (SFCG): Interview am 28.1.2011

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS): Interview am 10.1.2011 World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT): Interview am 25.2.2011

Fragebogen Professionalisierungsgrad

Section I General Questions

1. Briefly describe the mission, objectives and aims of your organisation

2. In what year was your organisation founded?

3. In which country was your organisation founded?

4. In which country is your organisation's headquarter?

5. There are different types of NGOs in terms of primary focus or function. Which term most accurately describes your organisation?

General/Public Interest Organisation Professional Interest Organisation Business Interest Organisation

6. There are different types of NGOs in terms of organisational characteristics. Which term most accurately describes your organisation?

NGO network/federation Umbrella organisation Member organisation none of the above, but

7. Does your membership comprise natural persons? Yes No

If, yes how many of those members does your organisation have?






More than 50000

8. Do you have any member organisations at national level?

Yes No We are organized at national level If yes, how many member organisations do you have?

(if unsure, please use a range, e.g. between 1-5, 10-20, 20-50)

9. Do you have an office at European level?

Yes No If no, go to Question no. 14

10. Since when do you have an office at European level?

11. How is your European office staffed? Please indicate the exact number

overall, thereof:

Full-time (salaried) Interns/Trainees

Part-time (salaried) Volunteers

(if unsure you can also use a range, e.g. between 10-20, 50-70)

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